Arabi is a large state to the east of the Training Camp. It is well known for its dangerous deserts and dangerous cities. Arabi City is the main attraction, famous for the Night Bazaar, where vendors sell rarities traveled (and stolen) from all over The Dreamscape. Scattered around the desert are Trading Caravans, which appear at random. Here, players can either loot or trade with these caravans for rewards.


Arabi is a low level region, and most monsters around Arabi reflect that.

- Giant Scarabs are large Level 7/9/11/14 insects that patrol the outskirts of the desert. They can be killed for their Jeweled Wings, a common ingredient in low leveled Alchemy. Other than that, they are seen as pests because they attack caravans and eat crops.

- Highrock Vultures commonly swoop down from large boulders to attack. If you get too close to the nests of these Level 12/15 creatures, you can expect an attack. They are effectively taken out by ranged or magic because of their quick flying capabilities. They are found in the outskirts of Arabi.

The CaravanEdit

There is a large underground crime syndicate stationed in Arabi known only as The Caravan. They are masters of disguise and stealth, and steal not only from the local caravans but also on a grander scale around the Dreamscape. The Caravan has a large sway in the Arabi government, and the current king of Arabi, Ahrima, is said to be a top Caravan leader. A rebel group called the Desert's Eye has recently begun their clash with The Caravan, but to no avail so far.