Helmstock is a small town to the south of the Training Camp. It is a tight knit community with a disposition to outsiders. Anybody not natively borm in Helmstock is considered an untouchable, due to a curse upon the town that is believed to be the result of the old Mayor Helmstock's dispute with a passing traveler.


Helmstock is very small compared to other towns and cities. There is a general store, fishing shop, carving store, and bank all located in the center of the town. None of these are accessible however until after completion of The Kindness of Strangers.


To lift Helmstock of it's curse, completion of The Kindness of Strangers is required. You can start The Kindness of Strangers by speaking to Ella, a woman in a small house on the northern outskirts of the town, who recently returned to find herself shunned by her family.