A curse has fallen over the sleepy town of Helmstock. Help Ella regain the love of her family as you discover the dark secrets of Mayor Helmstock.


There are no requirements for this quest.


Speak to Ella in her house north of Helmstock. Sobbing, she explains that she recently returned to Helmstock after a long adventure around the Dreamscape. After she returned to Helmstock, she ran into the town only to be attacked by a paranoid and delusion version of her son, Alfie. After being threatened by all of her old friends and family, she returned to the house (owned by one of the plagued townspeople) to figure out what happened.

Any attempt to enter the town results in being thrown out and taking anywhere from 10-100 non-fatal damage. Go to the south side of Helmstock to find a villager's corpse being devoured by a bear. Slay the Level 7 bear and search the corpse to find that he had died of starvation, and take a golden locket from him. Open the locket to find that its filled with a dark energy. With the locket in your inventory you are free to enter Helmstock without hesitation. Do not speak to anybody, however, as they will see through your facade and kick you out.

In the center of town is the Mayor's House, the biggest mansion in the area. As you approach the house, a cutscene occurs where you see two of Ella's children fighting over a silver candleholder. One of the sons, Alfie, bludgeons the other and knocks him out for the candleholder, and runs off. Return to Ella, and tell her that everybody in the town has become obsessed with greed, and you were only able to enter with a locket from a member of the town. Ella fears that the premonitions of the town's