The Training Camp is the tutorial area for new characters. Characters are able to learn some of the basic skills, including Combat (Physical, Ranged, and Magic), Alchemy (brewing special potions), Handcraft (making armor, weapons, and accessories), Whispering (communicating with elder spirits and the otherworldly), Carving (crafting totems, trinkets, charms, and more), Fishing (fishing up fish and rare items), and Hunting (hunting wild game for food and more).

Training CampEdit

The Training Camp is where new Sleepers are sent to the Dreamscape. Here you learn a multitude of skills while being tutored by Arvo the Great. There are seven different halls of the Training Camp, each corresponding to a skill (or type of skill, in the case of Combat.) Training here grants bonus experience and rewards, but if you talk to Arvo and convince him you're an experienced person, you may


In the combat hall, Alicia can Conjure familiars for you to fight. She can use her high Whispering levels to summon:

- Lesser Grifen (Level 2, immune to physical attacks while weak to ranged)

- Rattling Skeleton (Level 2, immune to ranged attacks while weak to magic)

- Enchanted Kobold (Level 2, immune to magic attacks while weak to physical)

They all drop a special Training Charm once, which can be turned in to Alicia for a bonus of experience.


A variety of masters offer their training services to you:

Alicia will help you train your combat skills in the Combat Hall.

Killian is a master of the arts of Alchemy, Whispering, and Carving, and will teach you all three skills with the assistance of his pupils.

Carter can help you learn Handcraft in the Craftsman Corner.

Jean will teach you outdoors skills, Fishing and Hunting.


Entering the Training Camp, Arvo will automatically have you start the Sleep to Dream quest. All of the quest's requirements are finished in the Training Camp.